Non-profit Partnership 101

There's a good chance your non-profit organization, school, sports team, church, or other not-for-profit organization is facing financial challenges in this tough economy. We've got a program called Give for Real℠ based on the model of Social Entrepreneurship that can help you address your needs. We are able to provide malnourished children with proper nutrition while funding your organization. All you need to do is promote our message!

Learn more about our non-profit partner, MannaRelief, at

Complete list of Documents:

Non-profit Board Presentation (PPT) (PDF) • Non-profit Application Form (PDF) and Business Form (PDF) • GFR Blessing Program Form for Orphanages (PDF) • Decision card (PDF) •Non-profit Brochure (PDF)

You can start today! Below are the steps and documents to get started:

1. Learn about our program

Partnering with us will help you create sustainable funding while combating childhood malnutrition. To learn more, do the following:

• Go through the non-profit board presentation (Power Point) here
• OR go through the Adobe PDF version of the same presentation here

• Watch the four part video series linked below

Sam Caster 1Sam Caster 1Sam Caster 1Sam Caster 1

2. Fill out the necessary paperwork, found below

You'll need to fill out the following paperwork to partner with us:

• Non-profit Application Form: Click here (PDF)
• Non-profit Business Form: Click here (PDF)

If you are an orphanage looking to receive aid from MannaRelief, fill out the application below:

• GFR Blessing Program Application: Click here (PDF)

3. Contact us to put everything into action

We're here to help you with your fundraising needs. Please make sure to contact us as soon as possible to create a plan of action for your new fundraising program! We look forward to helping you achieve your organization's goals.

Also, use the following documents to get started!

• Decision card PDF: Click here (PDF)

•Non-profit Brochure: Click here (PDF)