Anita Robutka, Founder of Nutrition Mission

Founder and President, Nutrition Mission
Mannatech 13 Star Double-Silver Presidential
Charter Member of the Million Dollar Club
Member of the Founding Associate Council
Founder of Canada Award
Pioneer UK/Australia Award
Top 25 Annual Income Earner

About Nutrition Mission

Nutrition Mission is a global community of wellness oriented individuals. With over 120,000 people, we are committed to the pursuit of healthy alternatives to stressful lifestyles created through improper nutrition, financial pressures and spiritual neglect.

Living in a state of well being requires vision, intention, and determination. The activity essential for the creation of something of value requires ongoing support to maintain and promote growth. Your desire for nourishment may be physical, financial, or spiritual. Nutrition mission is dedicated to aiding you in identifying and fulfilling your personal objectives.

The convergence of like minded individuals has caused the explosive growth of the Wellness Industry. The focus on wellness has resulted in what economists predict to be the next trillion dollar industry.

However, the pursuit of health and wealth are not the only pieces to the puzzle of life. It truly is better to give than receive. A balanced, healthy body and lifestyle enable you to focus your intention on giving back.

Live Your Purpose Today Nutrition Mission will empower you to live your purpose today.